I also just want to say that Mary is just an amazing person. Not only were my doggies very happy and beautifully cared for (as they always are with you guys) but also I am pretty sure my house was cleaner when I came home than when I left. A lovely surprise!
— Janet

For the past three years, Bren-Lin has consistently placed our beloved Beau in a caring home while we’ve been away. No kennel for him! Beau loves his homestays. At arrival, he is always eager to enter his home-away-from-home. If we happen to encounter his sitter and her dog during our walks on local trails, Beau joyously runs to say hello!
— Maureen Kunz

We’ve been entrusting the care of our beloved older mares to Brenda for many years. She has a wonderful way with them that demonstrates her care and concern. She’s a true animal lover. She asks us to contact her to confirm that we have returned to make sure we can resume their care. Their well being is clearly important to her! Brenda has always handled any situation appropriately, competently, and professionally. Knowing she’s looking after our beloved mares, when we can’t, allows us invaluable peace of mind. We would highly recommend her to anyone.
— Kathy & George Pappas

About time! You are the only person that I could ever leave my animals in the care of and go off and never worry!
— Carolyn Burgess

No one deserves that more Brenda Baer. My dogs were so good at the dog park this year compared to last year after you worked with them. A complete difference for Jake, he really enjoyed it this year.
— Angel Recupero